Photo: Rob Beschizza, CC BY 4.0

Rob Beschizza

Writer, artist, and editor at Boing Boing.

Spooky paintings. Pixel art pagan animal masks. Liminal technology. Weird groovy music. Stories from intermediary worlds.


Mandy Johnson: 1953-2017: I found out my mum suffered from Paranoid Schizophrenia the day she died. I made the web's dumbest publishing platform.

Character Creation is the Whole Game! Never leave your favorite part of the RPG.

Reviewed: High Rise; Wolfen; Smurfs: The Lost Village


Hakim, the Masked Gamer of Minneapolis concerns internet madness, hate mobs, and the special happiness of farewells.

Nomen Ludi recalls an attempt to track down a mysterious computer game, barely-remembered from childhood, and the dark secret of why it is so hard to find.

Mixtape of the Lost Decade reveals the truth about the 19A0s, a forgotten interregnum between the 1970s and the 1980s so strange and beautiful that it was suppressed from our collective memory.

Such Bravery. The remarkable true history that inspired the most excellent arcade game of the last century.

The Mechanism Lost at Antikythera collects hitherto unknown correspondence between powerful minds—and hearts—of the ancient Mediterranean.

It is with great regret... A tribute to the genre conventions of Japanese-style computer roleplaying games

Gray's Shapes is about the puzzle of a young mathematician's death, leaving a life impossible to piece together and beautiful in its formless elegance.

Spontaneous gadget generation amid mushroom rings in woods near Worthing, England. When I was a kid, I found a TRS-80 Model 100, a motorcycle and a giant pig in a forest clearing.

Games and Experiments

Randomly Generated Catalog of Creepily Nondescript Surveillance Gadgets. This will meet all your vaguely unsettling policing needs.

Alt Right Conspiracy Meme Generator: Never run out again!

The Psygnosis Game Generator generates psychedelic sci-fi game names in a distinctive late-eighties style.

North Korea Press Office generates random denunciations in the inimitable style of the People's Republic.

TinyHack is a roguelike adventure game that takes place entirely within a 9x9 pixel grid. It's tough!

Game Deaths. A compilation of classic arcade deaths, arranged to an 8-bit-esque cover of "Mad World".

Mixtapes in collision. The Velikovskian model of the mixtape

Unusual Childrens' Books. They suspect nothing, Dark Master.

How It Works …. The Computer (Ladybird books, 1978) I found a copy of one of my favorite childhood books about computers. And now you can enjoy it too!

A Sinister Reading of A Poky Little Puppy. Sweet dreams, children.

Meat Mix. A hundred cows in every hamburger.

Denny's Hobbit-themed Menu Reviewed. What could be more enchanting?

Microsoft announces 20 editions of Windows 7. Deadpan oughts humor.

Selected Articles

Lovecraft with adjectives, similes and metaphors edited out .

Boing Boing: zine, blog, and back again. A love of ‘Zine-style journalism, art, and abject nonsense is in our souls

Plagiarism claims roil chess coding scene. The hardest-fought battles in modern chess are between computers, but angry fights over who authored these cutting-edge number crunchers come a close second.

Dread Cthulu Leads His Cult. A message from our sponsors.

Friendly Darkness in the palace of Utopian fantasy. The comic that cured us of too much Tolkien.

The soundtrack to a story that doesn't exist. Solace, the latest album by Tettix, insinuates itself into one's thoughts.

A weekend with Microsoft's new console. The Xbox One is off to a rushed start: there just aren't enough good games and apps at launch.

The paintings of Saif Gaddafi. Many are sadly but necessarily photographed at oblique angles to make them more interesting.

Extremely mundane places in Minecraft. The world of Mojang is full of astonishing creations. I restore the balance.

Twitter's early-bird special on censorship. The company's newfound willingness to censor messages for foreign governments is a sad lesson for those emotionally invested in Silicon Valley's progressive pretenses.

What it's like at a major trade show. If nothing else, you won't be curious anymore.

Digitizing the past and present at the Library of Congress. The world's largest library uses the latest technology to study and scan ancient books, maps and other historical artifacts. It's an incredible archive made possible by technology.

MagicJack dials wrong number in legal attack on Boing Boing. Gadget maker MagicJack recently lost a defamation lawsuit that it filed against Boing Boing. The judge dismissed its case and ordered it to pay us more than $50,000 in legal costs.

Chip Sounds. The most accurate chiptune emulator yet, letting artists make authentic old-school tunes with the latest music-making software.

Mile-High Skyscrapers and Floating Cities That Never Were. Promised skylines we never got to see -- and a few that may yet come to be -- as seen from the imagined eyes of those who live there.

Wi-Fi as a Hazard. Wi-Fi is the latest flash point in an unprovable health panic that's already arced from power lines to microwaves.

Fusion Experiments Show Nuclear Power's Softer Side. "Fusion has always intrigued me, but did not seem like the kind of thing you could do in your basement."